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Welcome To Our Site Your future Bungalow in Lavish and Beautiful Green Hills. Nestled amidst the lush green hills of the Pune-Talegaon’s beautiful and pollution free area. Further adding glory to this historical landmark is our township project, Suncity by TirupatiVastunirman Pvt. Ltd. Majestically placed at the foothills of mountains inTalegaon at the border of the village Somatane.in Maval, this futuristic residential destination sprawls over 15 acres and features one-of-a-kind Residential Bungalow Plots. Your royal vacation waits at these breathtaking landscapes, lavish comforts. Live amidst lush green valleys andin natural scenic area. At Suncity, nature and peaceful living at environmentally clean air go hand-in-hand.

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About Tirupati Vastu Nirman Pvt Ltd 2Years Experience 2Total Projects Tirupati Vastunirman is a real estate enterprise, a trusted and tasted name. Owning a house at riverside or along a ridge or in the woods is everybody dreams. There is plentry of bounty at the countryside. One has to look around and feel the ambience of natural beauty, tranquility and bliss of Mother Nature We have plenty of such dream lands not far away from Pune, yet right in the middle of hills and dales, tat is full of fresh air, water, greenery and peace. Objective of any war is peace, well said. All of us struggle, run around, make wealth and forget to live life. We must remember to live our valuable life with peace, for which we have strived all the way. Come, let us join hands with nature, and peace will naturally come to us. Piece of land that we select is the land of peace. At Tirupati Vastunirman takes pains to locate heavenly lands, make them suitable for residence with infrastructural facilities without disturbing the surroundings and present the layouts to those who are keen to feel the gardens of Eden. The entire concept is unique and is for selected ones. It is dreamland in reality.
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Office Land line No : 020 - 64100227. ,Somatane Phata, Tal - Maval ,Dist- Pune 410506. Near Old Pune - Mumbai Highway.
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0 0 Tirupativastunirman Office Land line No : 020 - 64100227. ,Somatane Phata, Tal - Maval ,Dist- Pune 410506. Near Old Pune - Mumbai Highway.